Ashid Venture

Private fund

One of the next goals of Ashid Asset Management Company is to establish a private investment fund that invests in the manufacturing sector and improves access to finance for small and medium enterprises.

Private investment funds are very important financial institutions for the economic development of the country. Private Equity Fund invests by owning shares of ordinary non-public limited liability companies, strengthens the management, governance and finances of the company, increases its value, turns it into a publicly traded company, or sells and merges (M&A) from investments.

There are many businesses in Mongolia which develop various kinds of products and services that can replace imported products and increase our exportation. But they don’t have enough financing, and the ones that are available have high-interest rates, short terms, and high collateral requirements.

Ashid Private Fund’s goal is to solve these problems and create an accessible financing system to create a positive impact on society while offering new opportunities for investors to grow their capital.

It is not enough to save, invest to earn more!

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