Empower everyone to invest in their future and create shared value.


To be a leading impact investing company trusted by all stakeholders in its commitment to developing inclusive, simple, and responsible investment management services.

Our approach to investment management

At Ashid Asset Management, our investment management philosophy centers around impact investing. We challenge conventional beliefs by integrating social and environmental goals with financial returns. Our approach recognizes that investors play a crucial role in directing capital toward solutions that create a positive impact while also achieving financial profitability. We adhere to a client-centric approach that combines simplicity, purpose, and active engagement. Our commitment to integrity and professionalism guides every decision we make.

  1. Simplified Investing for All: We believe that investing should be accessible to everyone. Our user-friendly platform and educational resources empower clients to navigate financial markets confidently.
  2. Purpose-Driven Investments: Beyond mere returns, we invest with purpose. Our portfolios align with clients’ unique goals, whether it’s retirement planning, wealth preservation, or supporting causes they care about.
  3. Active Ownership: We take an engaged stance. Through proxy voting, ESG analysis, and direct dialogue with companies, we advocate for responsible corporate behavior, ensuring long-lasting impactful outcomes.
  4. Hands-On Management: Our experienced team actively manages portfolios. Rigorous research, risk assessment, and timely adjustments ensure optimal performance in dynamic markets.
  5. Integrity and Professionalism: Trust is paramount. We operate transparently, always acting in our clients’ best interests. Our ethical standards set us apart.

The principles we follow

The principles we follow in our decision-making on a daily basis:

Aspire for all

We aim to maximize value for every stakeholder.


Our commitment lies in professional management and achieving impact.


We uphold healthy corporate governance, transparency, and accountability.


Our service are accessible to everyone.


We aim for positive social and environmental impact alongside strong financial performance.

Saving is not enough, invest to earn more.

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© 2022 Ашид ассет менежмент.
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