Money should not be ruling our lives, we should.

Money should not be ruling
our lives, we should.

Step by step guide to invest

1. Choose a fund

Read each funds prospectus thoroughly and investment policy and choose an investment fund that fits your financial goals and circumstances.

2. Register as an investor

Register as an investor and confirm in and mobile app as well.

3. Order fund units

Create purchase order of the fund units that you have chosen and confirm it.

4. Sign a contract

Sign an Asset Management Agreement with an investment fund and transfer the payment specified in the agreement

Our investment funds

Open-end mutual fund

Ashid Growth Fund is an open-end investment fund that aims to provide investment services to the public in an inclusive, simple, cheap and responsible way.

Private fund

Ashid Venture Fund is a private equity fund that aims to generate not only financial returns, but social and environmental returns by investing in small and medium-sized businesses.

Private fund

Ashid Diversified Growth is a private fund that uses a flexible strategy that fits market conditions for creating diversified growth.

Real Estate Private Fund

Ashid Stable Growth Real Estate  is a private fund that aims to generate higher than average return from Real estate industry.

Collective Investment Pension Scheme

Ashid Private Pension Scheme is an Invesment fund that aims to build a long-term wealth for employee as a job benefit.




An article was published in Mongolia weekly. The percentage of people actively participating in the stock market is notably low,…


Frequently asked questions

When people began to look for other ways to grow their money instead of savings, we created many forms of investment, such as stocks, bonds, asset backed securities, cryptocurrencies, real estate, jewelry, gold and businesses, etc.
But how exactly does money grow? When you buy assets, it increases in value over time and provides returns in the form of income payments or capital gains. That’s what investing is.

There is no certain requirements to become an investor and you can just buy assets that you believe have the potential to grow in value. But you need to understand the basic principles of investing and able to comprehend their features, risks involved, liquidity and potential returns.

While saving means setting aside part of today’s money for tomorrow, investing means putting your money to work to potentially earn a better return over the longer term. Different classes of investment assets – cash, fixed interest, property and shares – typically generate different levels of return. You just have to choose what fits you the best.

You can start investing with 10’000MNT. But it usually depends on what kind of financial instrument you are buying. If you want to buy ax expensive share, you might need more then 10’000MNT.

If you don’t have any investment experience, if you don’t know how to invest, or if you don’t have the opportunity to research, it’s the best choice to invest in a Mutual Fund.

A mutual fund is a financial vehicle that pools assets from shareholders to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other assets. Mutual funds are operated by professional money managers, who allocate the fund’s assets and attempt to produce capital gains or income for the fund’s investors.

It is not enough to save, invest to earn more.

Are you ready to start?

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